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Why Your Socials Aren't Growing.

05 February 2019

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Alright alright, it's twenty god damn nineteen and if you don't have social media working for your business you're going to go broke!!!

Did I have you worried there? Probably not, but if I did you can relax. It was a flashy sensationalist statement to prick your ears up. What I'm going to detail below - in no particular order - are four reasons as to why your social media efforts aren't working. Hopefully after this article, you can take a good hard look at yourself and say 'yeah, I'm gonna make those changes, thanks Dan'

1. Firstly, the number of businesses using social media for the sake of using social media to too god damn high. I'll admit to being guilty of trying to make social work for businesses who didn't need it myself - but I've learnt. You need to think about how interesting what you sell or provide really is, and if people will realistically stop and have a look at what you do on social media. Sometimes a great website, SEO optimised with a well-organised pay per click campaign is all you need. The time-wasting social media presence can wait. So straight off the cuff, is social media really for your business? You're marketing budget may be better spent elsewhere. 

2. Secondly, the number of people breaking one of the golden rules of marketing on social media is outstanding. The rule is "Bad marketing talks about the business, good marketing talks about the customer". After this, head to Instagram - have a look at how many we's, me's, I's, us's etc there is in the captions - it's criminal! I'm not saying you can't talk about your business, because every so often you will need to and it will make sense. However, if 8/10 posts are 'we' posts, that generally means that 8/10 of your posts are basically a big fat disengaging hard sell. No one likes that. Which brings me to my third point.

3. People are focusing on the wrong metrics. Do you often find yourself comparing your business to another in a similar field that's doing well on social media? You might be saying 'well they have 2000 followers, we should have that.' Or, 'we need to post at least 5 times a week because they do'. This is some dangerous territory my friend, here you'll get caught posting for the sake of posting. Your captions will be lifeless and lacking personality. Yeah, you can chuck in a heap of hashtags on Instagram, you'll get a bunch of likes, but unfortunately, the fake unrelated spam accounts coming out of Down-Town Bejing won't be paying your bills. In 2019, less is more on social media. Only post when you have something interesting, important or engaging to say - you'll be rewarded with real engagement and a friendly pat on the back from the algorithms in the long run. 

4. My last point is a simple one. Your social presence might not be getting executed well enough. Whether it be poor imagery, a lack of direction/intention, poor captions or even just how everything is set up. 

For the right business, social media is a powerful marketing tool, and above all, a great way to share what your business is all about. If you think you could be doing things a little better, well, I know a guy...

I'm not here to sell you anything, but if you'd like to bounce around a few ideas and hear some advice around how you could improve your socials, then feel free to drop me a line below. 

Let me know what you think about these points in the article as well - they're a little left-field, but I know for a fact they're the truth. 

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine Online Marketing 

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