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What The F...acebook?

24 November 2017

Just about every soul-sapping metric on social media is on the rise. Accept, for businesses usage. I-shit-you-not. 

In Sensis's social marketing report, which by the way is a must-read for anyone who handles anything resembling marketing, the following was stated regarding businesses who actively use social media.

 - For small businesses, the number has dropped 1 point to 47%.
 - For medium businesses, the number has dropped 5 points to 49%.
 - For large businesses, the number has dropped 19 points to 60%.

How can this be, it seems that everyone is on social media these days? Why aren't businesses getting in on this low-key addiction we all now have?

This is what I think. 

Everyone over the last two years in business has thought about social media. They've most likely gone in and set themselves up. After an initial post, they ride the high of their family and friends supporting their businesses online escapades - what a rush. 

From here on in, the going gets tough - particularly with Facebook's recent algorithm changes that SEVERLY limit a post's organic reach. Don't worry, it's not just you...

An effort is seen to stay present online, the odd pixelated photo goes up, as does the cheesy sales plug that ends up reaching about 2% of the people who follow your page - which is also most likely around twenty people. After the realisation that social media is not as simple as once thought, brands are simply abandoning their online efforts entirely, putting it in the too hard pile.

Hence, my theory on why businesses are actually using social media less overall. 

But this isn't to say that brands aren't killing it online, they are. Although brands who are less resourced, generally your Mum & Dad type operations are struggling. This outlook may seem a little bleak, and it may paint the picture that social media is merely for the big brands, Instagram models and the hipster cafe's of the world, but it's simply not the case. 

You see, all social media platforms don't specifically reward "best practice", nor the most textbook marketing theories. They reward the brands who are authentic, exciting and informational. 

A hard task you say? I don't think so - here's my proof. 

If you haven't heard about this legend, he saved his chicken shop from the brink of bankruptcy by dancing his heart out on camera, showing off his food and not taking himself too seriously. 

And while you might not have his moves, I'm sure you have your own idea for a point of difference - nothing is perfect about it, but that's why it works.

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine Founder. 

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