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The Upside To Being Unproductive...

06 March 2017

Chilling the f@ck out helps my business on the reg.

You may have noticed that I've gone quiet over the last few weeks, or you're thinking, "Na not really"...

Anyway, sometimes when you're trying to make things happen in a business you just get to the point of thinking what's going on here, what's my next move, HOW DO I EVEN GOD DAMN MOVE...

Look at this way. I run a blog, the only thing I need to do here is publish great content. My aim is to make you, the reader, have a crack at your business own idea and look up at that light bulb sitting directly on top of your melon. 

But sometimes it just doesn't work like that, and for whatever reason, work's in the way, Uni is full-on (Lit) at the moment, or I just want to go out and have a few drinks. Maybe, the world's about to implode?

I used to let these unforeseen absences from my blog get to me, and my dormant website made me feel like I was running a store that sold fresh air. 

But with some time away comes reflection, you remember why you do what you do, what drives you to achieve your goal and how you will go about making an impact with your idea or business. 

Don't let those absences pull you back, understand that you need a break, spend the time evaluating what you want to achieve and return to your work with your A-game. 

At the end of the day, did anyone genuinely miss me here? 

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