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29 November 2017

A brands story is its foundation. The overriding narrative not only provides direction from a planning and execution standpoint, but it creates intrigue, awareness and most importantly, purpose - it makes brands charismatic. 

Every now and again you meet someone who puts things into perspective. Angello Dout, the founder of Brown Bear Swagger, is fresh to the business world, but what drives him forward is remarkable. 

My introduction to Angello came from a good friend, and after I read his story, it wasn't long before we caught up for a coffee. We met at the Journal Cafe in the city - it worked for Angello as it was on his way to work. 

Angello's story began in Pachella, Kenya. He grew up in the Kakuma Refugee camp, with the sound of gunfire and war in the near distance. He walked 17kms each-way DAILY for water, and would wait entire days for food at the nearest UNFCR food bank - this is a very brief summary of his story to date, the tip of the iceberg if you like.

Angelo dreamt of going to school and would wake up every morning to the sight of his neighbours heading to school. Angello was unable to attend school as he looked after his siblings while his Mother went out and retrieved food.

At a young age, Angello and his family understandably migrated to Perth seeking a better way of life. Since then, Agello has essentially taught himself English, moved to Melbourne solo, volunteered for numerous organisations and worked seriously goddamn hard. 

I can guarantee you one thing - you'll never hear a complaint or an excuse from Angello.

Last year, he founded Brown Bear Swagger. The brand's purpose is to build his Mum a house and to demonstrate that the only thing holding anyone back is themselves. He's learning on the fly, often the hard way, but he's unstoppable in his pursuit. 

He sells streetwear, (check it out) but BBS stands for far more than the apparel, the brand's message is bigger than itself. 

What does your brand stand for? 

We look forward to what's to come for Angello over the next few years and look forward to helping him on his journey. This is a brand worth being behind.

The message - the story spreads the idea.

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine 

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