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The Porky We Must Embrace To Kill It On Social Media

26 April 2017

Alright, I've got you thinking. One, how good's my use of the word porky, two, what in the world am I talking about!

I'm here to address the elephant in the room. It's what I like to call our inner-shark. The shark, in this case, is the voice inside our minds looking to gain instant value or return for our output online. It's also this very shark that we all say isn't guiding the majority of our decisions, thus, uncovering the big fat porky we tell ourselves daily.
To break this down, our inner shark is responsible for the desperation we feel for likes on the new DP we just posted, or the overwhelming desire for acceptance on our latest blog post.
Instant gratification is a natural human thought process, especially in this day and age. However, we need to understand that real satisfaction will come once we set our mindset slightly to the left.
To the left, we have our mind set that is guided by our inner-shark, except the shark is now a fun-loving vegan... 
This new shark isn't hungry for instant gratification nor results. Shark 2.0 is hungry to provide consistently valuable content. The new shark also understands that an actual social media presence online takes time!
So, which shark are you right now? Are you seeking instant gratification with your every online effort? Or are you expressing yourself/business in a genuinely intriguing and insightful way? 
Be hungry as a shark, but channel that hunger towards providing truly valuable content your audience will love.
Daniel Kovac - Digital Marketing Director/Founder

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