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The Math Equation To Avoid A Horseshit Post Online...

27 April 2017

So, you post online every day consistently. In your eyes, the photo's you use are fantastic, and you make sure you drop in a heap of excellent (probably super irrelevant) hashtags.

But somehow, the only people who embraced your post is one of those god damn bots that drop a comment like "awesome content" or my favourite ":)". 

Although on paper this looks okay, you're not genuinely connecting with an audience, and it might be because you're not thinking about this simple little equation. 

Anything x 0 = 0. So I look at it like this. 

A post x real emotion = Good stuff. (If you're a real mathematician I'm so sorry)

What you need to think about here is how your post taps into your audience's emotion, which also happens to be the key ingredient of selling. You could be selling an extraordinary vision, a broomstick, a house? But without a healthy dose of feels, people will never truly get on board with what you're sharing online. 

To create great copy, think about incorporating gratitude towards your loyal audience, share a customer's story and let your online audience know why your business is changing the world, or at least doing good in the local community. 

For the love of god, the 'Friday feel's' post can wait!

Post x Emotion. - Think about that with everything you do online. 

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine Founder/Consultant.

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