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The Kooinda Brewery

24 December 2016

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Crafting thirst-crushing beers and travelling the world. Now that's living!

Recently I caught up with Kyle and Kade from the Kooinda Brewery (That's a lot of Ks). The duo lead a motivated young team dedicated to the ultimate cause of making the beer their followers so dearly adore. 

At just nineteen years of age, Kyle came on board as the brewery manager in the early stages of 2016. Working closely together with Kade, the resident beer connoisseur and brewer, the two immediately faced a huge, yet distinct challenge. 

After a lengthy, yet unavoidable transitional phase between management the challenge was to restore the faith amoungst their direct community and re-establish the Kooinda name as a reliable, high-quality brewery.

Immediately the guys tackled this issue by streamlining their operations, allowing the brewery to operate with greater functionality. On top of this, they assembled an energetic, devoted team that are on board with the brewery's long-term vision.

From here, both Kyle and Kade hit the road, well, mainly the sky to spread the good word of The Kooinda Brewery both here in Australia and overseas. Kade was actually fresh from a trip to Tokyo when we sat down for a chat.

In-house, Kade has been busy formulating and testing new beers, which to him is just a straight out hobby. A lot of people love beer, but Kade's passion for the bitter brew is much deeper than your average punter, with new recipes and creations on the go year-round.

The brewery now regularly opens its door on the weekend, with ten beers on tap, all crafted in the tanks just meters away from the bar. The brewery itself is a fantastic setting for a few drinks on a Friday afternoon, with its antique decor, pool table and food trucks swinging by on the regular.

The guys have inherited an already established company and driven it to a higher level, purely out their enjoyment for what they do and a strong drive to make good beer, on time and to a high quality. 

Shout to Kyle & Kade. They set me off with a few beers to try out - all of which went down a treat!

You can check out the Kooinda Brewery and keep up with lastest from these guys here...

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