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The Coolest Way to Sell Ice To An Eskimo

29 April 2017

Sales, without it, your business will die. 

Yeah look, I know that was dramatic but seriously, if you're not making sales in your business, then you're not turning over money. And while we all like to say "money isn't important right now" and "it's all about my vision", is it worth 60-plus hours of your time for free?

So, through my personal experiences and readings, I've put together three key traits you can adopt to break down the barriers you have towards selling what you do. 

Firstly, you need to be 100% on the bus of what you're selling. If you know that what you have will provide real value to someone, then you can shake off 80% of the doubts in your mind going into that conversation.

Secondly, scratch any inkling of desperation from your pitch. The second someone feels your desperation, will be the second that person spends the entire conversation working out how to sneak away or politely decline your offer. Walk into every opportunity feeling fulfilled with what you have already, and it will create the opportunity for a real connection.

And thirdly, this is what I think is the most black-belt move possible in sales. If you feel the sense that the person on the other side isn't giving you the time of day, or if you know that deep down you can't genuinely help this person out, walk out, just get up, shake the person's hand and leave. There is no better show of strength than ending the conversation on your terms, and often, you will find that this empowering move will steer the conversation back in the right direction. People hate the feeling of a random rejection! 

Obviously, this only scratches the surface of what it takes to be the next Wolf Of Wall Street, but implementing these three key traits into your sales strategy can only help.

Daniel Kovac - Founder/Consultant 

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