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The Alleyway Heidelberg

02 February 2017

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In 2013, Heeb and his family's business, Cafe Burgundy burnt to a crisp when a hot water unit malfunctioned in their storeroom. After toiling away, establishing a popular new cafe under the new name 'Green Orange', the establishment tragically burnt down again after an industrial fridge exploded in their kitchen, rough! 

However, in 2017 with a clean slate ahead, Heeb and his family are set to launch an exciting new project "The Alleyway Heidelberg."

Located on Burgundy Street, Heidelberg, competition amongst the cafe’s here is highly competitive.

Although, as competitive as the local market is, this wasn’t Heeb’s reason behind transitioning away from a traditional cafe. Having recently journeyed through some of America’s culinary hot spots, Heeb harnessed inspiration from places such as Texas, Florida, California, New York City and New Mexico. After seeing how these diverse cultures religously centred around over the top food and even better company, Heeb wants the Alleyway to be his own take on what he enjoyed abroad.

The Alleyway Heidelberg will be a place for a drink, great food and to just talk nonsense with your friends. Although there is a tavern down the road, Heeb wants the new watering-hole/eatery to be something unique to the area. 

Astonishingly, it's also hard to find a big fat hipster burger on the street. So the menu will be consisting of mouth-watering burgers, shakes and comfort food with The Alleyways own twist. Heeb also looks forward to taking full advantage of their liquor license. Now that’s what we want to hear!

Having been dealt some seriously rough hands lately, I asked Heeb what's some advice he can pass on from his unique experiences in business.

"Everything happens for a reason, at the end of the day all you can do is take it as a blessing and never give up. If you’re confident in your product and provide consistency in your service and quality of food then eventually, everything will work out for you." - Heeb.

The Alleyway is set to re-open in the next few weeks. You can follow Heeb's journey on Facebook here.

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