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Satire* 18 Year Old Max Million's Rise To Online Success

05 May 2017

I see satire as a magnificent way of exposing some of the more common flaws in modern business. So in the name of entrepreneurial education, I give you the following...

18-year-old, Max Million is adamant that 'hustle' and re-posting an inspirational quote every three days is the key to success.

"I've currently have over 1,225 followers by following 2000 people per day, that's what it takes to be successful in business." 

We ventured out to Toorak to catch up with the self-proclaimed 'boy prodigy' Max Million. Greeted by his parents, we ventured into his 'lab', which was a makeshift office in his private gaming room/cinema. 

Max, who's touched the lives of over 1,200 bots, put's his success down to the sheer inspiration he provides to his passionate, entrepreneurial fans. 

Without actually ever starting his own business or having a job, Max believes that it won't be long before he provides business/life coaching.

"I just have so much to give. I have like five quotes lined up that I know will change someone's life, and hopefully, my fans will radiate off my energy and success."

You can follow Max @youngragstoriche$ to stay in-line with this truly unique, youngpreneur's progress. 

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine founder, and a dangerously close story to Max Million...

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