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Rekindling an old flame...

22 November 2016

For my girlfriend's sake, this has absolutely nothing to do with any form of a human being. The flame in this instance is a business venture, which let's say…didn't exactly catch the eye of Richard Branson or the crew from Shark Tank. 

BizzKick was poised to be the next best thing, the largest organisation in the field of social marketing, providing businesses of all types with a significant online voice and presence. Fully aware of the fact that I was massively under-resourced, my belief was that I could “fake it till I make it” purely on my knowledge and my perceived expertise in the field.

This belief was to be my exact downfall. Spewing.

I  consistently referred to my company (which was literally just me) as “us” or “we”, I even sent out a “Merry Christmas from the crew at BizzKick” like the complete schmuck I was. After months of providing a decent service, yet pretending to be the size of Crown Towers it all finally hit me. 

BizzKicks fake facade muzzled my biggest strength. You see, my drawcard was the personal, one on one service that the larger companies can't provide - Although my true intention was to become one with my clients business vision, I simply didn’t give off that impression to the regular consumer. 

So, after months of working away, getting better at my craft and realigning my direction, I give you the re-launch of BizzKick!

It’s me, working from home, my bed, your cafe and getting to know your business inside out. I can't wait to give my clients a powerful, yet meaningful online voice under the new and improved BizzKick brand. 

If you think a service like BizzKick could help you out, don't hesitate to get in touch for some more information.

So yeah, this article really just turned into a big fat promo, but hey, thanks for sticking around…

Daniel Kovac - The everything chap at PipeVine & BizzKick.

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