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Posting out of Necessity Vs. Composing Out Of Creativity.

23 August 2017

When we post online out of necessity, we’re obliviously falling into an unnoticeable booby-trap.

Within the traps grasp, we can be merely posting an image from our personal account, driven by an overwhelming desire for acceptance or attention. 

Or it could be simple as keeping our boss happy at work. Say, when we carelessly share an unfavourable article from the businesses page to maintain a consistent, somewhat disengaging presence - or manically posting a photo with a tone so far from your brand's voice it's perplexing to your online audience. This trap hurts, now we’re disengaging our audience. 

On the other hand, we have the option of posting fueled by creativity. For lack of a better phrase, this refers sharing content you believe lines up with your values, information that triggers a sincere interest. When we compose out of creativity, we post what comes to our mind first, before our inevitable fear of external opinion creeps in, or the desire to stay within the status quo.

It’s a matter of sharing something you genuinely enjoy yourself. 

An easy indication of quality content is asking yourself how much you enjoyed putting a certain post together, or to what degree the article you shared on LinkedIn genuinely sparked a certain motivation within for positive change.  

This state of creativity is where your real online voice lies. Here, content ideas come easy, as does your online clan's invaluable engagement. 

People appreciate authenticity.

Do you post of out necessity, catering to external opinions?

Or do you compose with creativity, posting true to your values, beliefs and mission? 

Daniel Kovac - Digital Marketing Specialist/Founder @PipeVine. 

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