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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With Liamme Cardinal

15 March 2017

(Business, art, overcoming self-doubt.)

Photo Credit: @thomb_

Imposter syndrome, a feeling that’s all too familiar amongst anyone in business, but in particular, those poor god damn creatives...

You know, the classic moment when you feel like what you've created is absolutely shit, despite spending hours on whatever it was that just robbed hours of your brains precious energy. 

That my friend is imposter syndrome.

To tackle the issue, I caught up with my good pal Liamme Cardinal, an artist seeing some early success in what he does. 

Self-doubt is a natural gate-crasher on Liamme's mental party, especially since the art he creates is the work of his own bare hands.

At the age of just seven, Liamme's Uncle introduced him to the world of drawing. Sketching was more than a personal hobby, but rather a release. 

When Uni came along, his intensive study schedule poached his time to create, draw and enter a state of deep work.

Yearning for his favourite pass time, Liamme decided to take a gap year to pursue his curiosity and passion for drawing. It was ballsy, but the time away from Uni proved to be a great call.

His eye-catching work quickly caught the eyes amongst our group, which sparked him to found @sheluvsmenot_ on Instagram, a place in which he shares his creations and ideas.

In just 6 months, Liamme's work has featured on a handful of single and EP covers, including international act Your Ol Lady. On top of this,  he just recently completed his first exhibition at Federation Square.

 "If you told me that my stuff would be in an exhibition six months ago I would tell you that you're having a fucking laugh."

For Liamme, making such an impact in just six months has been the result of sharing a boatload of content, which means a serious amount of self-doubt the second before he hits publish. Although he still experiences these emotions, Liamme tackles these emotions with the following three mantras.

1 - Self-reflection - He regularly looks at the improvement he has made in his art and is excited by what he has achieved in just six months of hard work. 
2 - He genuinely enjoys what he does. This allows him to work on projects for hours on end, just straight up having fun. The time and actual effort spent on each project he releases personally validify's what he posts.
3 - At the end of the day, he is just scratching his own itch. He loves to create art, and if you enjoy what he puts out, to him, that's just a bonus! 

Collectively, these three essential self-reflections are vital when you're about to hit post on that blog, pitch that business idea to a potential investor, or release that new tee.

His work is seriously a pleasure to look at by the way, and you can check it out here on his Instagram account.

Does the feeling of imposter syndrome get to you sometimes? Share with us when, and how you overcome it...

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