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Opening a video store in 2017 - Risky Business 1/6

07 February 2017

I've gone pretty risky straight up here. Let's talk about opening a video store in 2017...

It's hard to imagine opening up a video store nowadays. The last time I stepped foot in one of these redundant lot's, Woody & Buzz Lightyear were my biggest influences and Saw one warped my young mind. 

With On Demand services, and the go-to 'Netflix' all too accessible nowadays, how could we possibly compete?

How about this. (How-bow-dah)

Instead of just stocking blockbusters, let's hone in on a niche. Stock independent & local films that are hard to find. Also, how about we host regular screening's in a super chilled, home-like cinema with the director in attendance at each event for commentary. To give us an extra edge, we can also stock some rare records and without a doubt, this place will be located in Brunswick or close by.

To bring us into 2017, let's set us a subscription service that send's out new movies weekly via email, or if the member chooses, they can receive a hard copy of the film sent in the mail.

Maybe we could air each film on an old-school projector, and provide some seriously unique snack's to go? It could be a fantastic way to support the local arts and give aspiring filmmakers some vital exposure to a passionate audience. Could we even team up with a local burger joint? Or that sweet little pizza joint a few doors down? I guess we need some good grub to go with our crafty cocktails, and ahh, craft beer.

It's damn risky, but hey, there's only one way to find out, or do you know know of a place that is already doing this?

This is the first installment in a 6 part series called "Risky Business." Stay tuned as I'll be dropping an even more dangerous idea every week. 

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine Founder  

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