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Mowing Lawn's & Dealing With Death Threats - Risky Business 2/6

14 February 2017

A little over a year ago, my housemate and I set about a side hustle to help us pay our rent and still have some fun on the weekends. Lawn & Order was founded off the back of a questionable name, offering dirt cheap lawn mowing to people who basically took advantage of us. Things were going great however until we got this super creepy voicemail from a pissed off rival... 

The second installment of risky business comes from a humorous personal experience. Setting up our lawn care business was a breeze, we bought all the equipment second hand, and we already had a ute. I gave us an unheard of social media presence in the gardening industry, and we were getting regular calls from prospecting clients. 

We enjoyed what we did, and things were looking up. 

Then one day we received this voicemail from an unknown number. A year has since passed, and Lawn & Order Grass Care is well and truly on the back burner, so I thought I would share this with you. Just a heads up, this dude uses some pretty rough language. 

So yeah, shit. Pretty dark ey? Is this a regular thing in the trade industry? 

Hearing this again makes me want to fire the business back up and run this mystery man into the ground. 

Anyway, that's the second instalment of risky business, the risk being to your life...

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