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Market Like The Naked Chef Cooks | Taking Action.

23 February 2018

Lately, I've had the pleasure of watching Jamie Oliver cook while I have breakfast. The naked chef (circa 1999) has been an unexpected gift from the food channel to say the least. 

The naked chef cooks with an infectious energy, he keeps the food simple and works with precision. Never at any point does he second-guess the recipe at hand, and you can be sure he's excited to put on a good turn for his friends (the show revolves around his day preparing for a dinner gathering, or an event on the road).

Not everything goes the Naked Chef's way, but he doesn't search for perfection, he just enjoys himself. 

Often when a brand markets themselves, it starts with a raw idea, that's then tweaked, twisted and thrashed around. Too many ideas are put forward, things get complicated, and the end result gets shipped out of necessity.

So what am I saying? 

Market like the Naked Chef cooks. 

Market with energy, enjoy it, try new things and don't be afraid to be different. You're putting on a show, and you'd love your friends (your customers) to have a ball. Doing the same thing as your competitor and endeavouring to do it better isn't as fun as writing your own map, trust me. 

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine 

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