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Why I Deleted Facebook off my phone...

23 June 2017

Rough thought ey? Imagine, a life without Facebook on your phone. We often joke about our addiction's to our socials, but could you really take the plunge and go cold turkey, even if it's just on your phone? Here's how I went, and what changed when I deleted Facebook off my phone...

I'm sure you're thinking, what a savage this guy is, how did he pull this off! 

Probably not...But I just want to share with you how things changed for me after I merely deleted Facebook off my phone.

To give you some context here, PipeVine is a digital marketing agency. Facebook, is one of my primary tool's and while deleting the app has been on my mind for a while, it just never made sense to me given my occupation in digital marketing.

But then I thought, I can just download the app back when I need it...Genius! 

After my incredible lightbulb moment, I scratched the app. I was blind, naked and vulnerable away from my laptop, with my now Facebook-less iPhone.

The first few days were a little weird, but not remotely hard. Given my duties to my clients, I made sure my Facebook time on my computer was deliberate, and I got shit done so to speak.

So, the issue of being in digital marketing without Facebook on my phone was no issue, nor an excuse to retrieve the Facebook app right away.

When you delete the app, you still have messenger. So I didn't miss out on any of my group discussion or plans, but it was nice not to be looking at a little red button every few minutes that screams click me. I found myself just catching up on my messages once or twice a day, which more than sufficed.

So, I could still do my job. I'm up to date with my friend's plans on messenger, but what's actually been the upside to this little experiment?

I've gained time, the single most valuable human resource. 

Over the course of the day, I would have saved at least 1 - 2 hours from not mindlessly scrolling through the feed on my breaks, on the toilet, when I'm bored, while I'm working, WHILE I SHOULD BE GETTING SHIT DONE AND MAKING 'IT' HAPPEN!

On top of this, I've chilled out a bit. That's pretty vague, but it's crazy the amount of anxiety and over-attachment I unknowingly had towards checking Facebook on my phone. 

The cons? Well, there has been two. 

One, I started thrashing Instagram & Snapchat on my phone once I deleted Facebook. I realised this after a few days and disciplined myself.

Two is a funny story, I organised a live Facebook video with a client (you can see where I'm going here), set the shot up and we were set to go. But yep, you know it, I forgot to download the app back, which set us back about 5 minutes, and I guess it made me look like a pretty average digital marketer until I explained why I didn't have the app at the time.

So there you have it, deleting the app has been a real winner. I don't think we all need to go to the extremity of deactivating all our socials, but changing our mindset and using these platforms deliberately as a tool, rather than a time waster can be a huge game-changer for us all. 

Deleting Facebook, just of my phone has saved me hours of time, lifted my productivity and given me a clearer headspace. 

How would you go about making socials your slave? 

Feel free to drop a comment below of you have done a similar test with yourself. 

Daniel Kovac - Digital Marketing Director/Founder 

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