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How to top your Black & Gold vanilla ice cream content with Cotties chocolate sauce...

27 June 2017

Alrighty, you're here. Awesome!

Let's discuss three sure-fire ways that will inject a healthy dose of contagious creativity into the content you post. 

1. Stop trying to be some bad-ass, pretentious, ultra-cool celebrity with your every post. Let me explain...

The snapshot we see of people's life's on social media is the highlight reel, it's only the best bits. And for sure, why wouldn't you do this for your business too? While it's important to showcase your brand online professionally, people love to see your imperfections and quirks. It gives your content an authentic, relatable feeling.

Did a waiter drop 30 plates? That's a golden post online!

Did you tell a co-worker it's party shirt Friday when it isn't? Sizzle that poor guy online right now...

Been working for 12 hours straight on a project? Show us the hard work you put in!

These little doses of vulnerability will build trust amongst your audience, I promise! 

2. Put the god damn stock images away, for just two minutes....

Stock photo's, it's so easy to get stunning imagery these days for your every post. But with a stunning stock image, comes the loss of the opportunity to display a personal photo.

Every time I post, my default setting is to find a photo I've taken myself in my travels, or with my clients. Sometimes it's just too tricky to locate the right picture for the content I've created, so in this scenario, stock images are a godsend. But I know for a fact that I see a higher post engagement on a photo that I took, even it's slightly under perfect quality over a generic stock image.

People feel the authenticity of a personal photo. Some unrealistically happy guy in a suit, smiling weirdly at his phone just isn't the same. 

Follow a 70/30 rule if you can. 70% real photo's & videos, 30% stock images. 

3. Use video, and don't be scared to go live!

If you have a phone, you have the ability to shoot a video for your business, period.  And yeah for sure, professional videography is preferred, but that's not practical for every business. Get your phone out, don't worry about perfect scripts, just shoot some video. Show us the culture at your workplace, how your product works, or why your service is the best in the business. 

Video will allow your audience to get to know your brand on a deeper level. Also, Facebook & Instagram's algorithms now highly favour video content, so more people will see your video content without the need for paid advertising. 

So there you have it, give this a try! 

1. Be vulnerable with your copy - Keep it real...
2. Use real photo's in favour of stock images 
3. Capitalise on video.

Drop a comment below if you think you have some great way's to keep social media content genuinely interesting!

Daniel Kovac - Digital Marketing Director/Founder.

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