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How To Smash Your Business Blog In 2019

18 July 2019

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How often do you find a boring business blog? I would bet that it's more than you come across a blog that teaches you something or helps you understand more about a businesses culture. 

Too often businesses write blogs, or most likely, pay someone externally a small amount to write based on the keywords they're trying to rank. Now, I'm not saying that ranking your website higher in Google is in an issue - that's the goal. The issue is when we write something purely for an algorithm, it's going to read like a textbook and lack value when it comes to real information.

Almost anyone who reads these manufactured blogs can see right through their bullshit - you can sense the sleaziness. Often the rest of these websites are wordy and full of confusing keywords as well.

So what's the way forward here? 

A website that ranks high in Google, that shares a story and tells your people what your brand stands for is possible. You don't need to pay for ten keyword-rich cookie-cutter blogs to generate SEO. It's lazy and it shows you don't care about what you do. 

That last line struck a nerve with me. Content that's made for any other purpose than to help out your customer is lazy.

If you need to rely on getting customers with black hat strategies, then you don't have an SEO problem. You have a poor business problem. 

Now, where were we? 

Yes! You can generate great SEO with blogs that say something. They can be keyword-rich, but they need to make a difference in the reader somehow. 

Your businesses blog is a chance to educate. Educate people about your expertise, your passion, and the work you do. If the blogs you're sharing on social media are landing like a lead balloon, don't blame the algorithm, think about how you can write a better article, one that will change someone. 

The title of this article is a double-edged sword itself. I'm hoping it tells you what you can expect from reading this, and I know it will rank in Google's search. 

I understand that me saying use your blog to educate is a great line, but it's not an actionable item to take away. I'm going to show you how to generate an endless list of articles you can write for your business. If you've come this far in the article, I appreciate your time and here's the reward. Let me know in an email or the comments if this is helpful to what you do. 

Firstly, head over to No, it's not going to give you a great dinner idea - it's a free resource to understand the keywords you should write about, and what your competitors are writing about already. Place in your businesses domain and away you go. While you're there, you can generate a free SEO health report, and see which pages on your website are ranking the highest and what you need to fix. To see the exact articles people are creating in your industry, head over to content ideas and type in your main topic. 

Here's the link again >> Ubersuggest

Now, I hope that was helpful. I've never seen a brain surgeon get brain surgeons block, so with Ubersuggest handy, you should never get writer's block again.

Now, here's the important part! You've been given a list of articles that are great to write about. Your audience needs the information, and your competitors are most likely already providing them with the info they need. 

Here's your chance to do it better. Here's your chance to boost your SEO, but most importantly, here's your chance to say something that matters. If your competitor has thrown down four hundred words of jibberish and vague information, fuck em! Write something that will actually help out the person who reads it.

If I failed to do the second part of what I'm trying to tell you here - the part where you need to actually make something good - I would have told you to go to Upwork or SEO reseller and buy a blog for under $40 bucks. I would have told you to make something for an algorithm instead of a human.

Your blog is a chance to share your craft and what you're passionate about. It's a chance to open up the hood on your businesses culture and attract people that can make a difference. 

Yes, more so than ever, blogging generates fantastic SEO for your website. However, if you want traffic that's there for the right reasons, then write something for the right reason.

Before I go, here are three great examples of what I'm talking about. These blogs share a story at the same time as teaching you something new. 

Daniel Kovac - PipeVine Marketing.

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