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Content Marketing - Yes or no?

31 May 2017

As a tribute to this hilarious page Yes/No, I'm giving you my answer to a question that should be on every business owners mind.

Firstly, let's clarify what content marketing is, and if the answer is no, what's the alternative option?

Content marketing is how a brand's image is built. If we're selling lipstick, we aren't just going for the jugular and forcing our product on people with deals and "buy it now schemes". Instead, we're going deep. 

Lipstick makes Women, (and men...)feel good, healthy and beautiful. Instead of a sale, we're giving our audience an informative article on how to maintain healthy skin. 

Instead of a call to action, we're covering an inspirational story on someone who's lost 40 kgs, and yeah, by the way, they use our lipstick. 

As Howard Schultz said (founder of StarBucks) "we sell sophistication, not coffee"

The alternative? Direct marketing. Sales, deals, you know, the kind of stuff you see on late night TV. 

So, content marketing, yes or no? 

My answer is to find a balance, plan your marketing to an 80/20 schedule, that being, 80% content marketing and 20% direct marketing. 

The most successful brand's on social media are more than the service or product they have to offer, they create a community with stunning, exciting and most importantly, informative content. 

But don't forget, this fantastic content is in place so that when these popular brands put their hand out, they see a massive response from their loyal fans.

Jab, Jab, Jab, HOOK! 

Let me know what you think with a comment below, how does your brand build its tribe? 

Daniel Kovac - Founder 

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