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Buying likes, it's a no from me...

08 July 2017

If you've ever bought likes for your business page, or merely felt the urge I completely understand.

It's easy to seek relevance by way of numbers because these day's it almost seems like the number of likes or followers you have determines your businesses relevancy online.

But the problem is, buying likes is inducing a slow death for your business online. 

Say your business has 200 likes, and you jack this number up by 5000, often fake profiles. 

Great, you've got 5,200 likes, it look's good, but that is literally the only benefit in bootstrapping your page's audience. 

Your problem now is, to Facebook or Instagram you have 5,200 fans online, but your content only reaches a tiny percentage of real people. 

The biggest tell tale of a business who has done the dirty is seeing that they have 20,000 followers or likes, but on average you see about 2 or 3 people genuinely interact with their content. 

This poor engagement get's flagged each time you post, and your place in the social channels algorithms slowly fades, to a point far worse than where you once were.  

My advice, just generate damn good content, consistently. Content is still key, and without it, there is no point of even having a presence online. 

If you've bought likes, delete them now, or start again. Unless you're building a real audience, and fast on top of these fake followers, I'm afraid you may be wasting your time online. 

Let me know if you've had a bad experience online with buying likes, don't be shy, we've all thought about it...

Daniel Kovac - Digital Marketing Director - Founder.

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