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17 July 2016

What in the world is Pipe Vine? 

A place for a dude to feed his love of business marketing and I guess answer his own questions to… 

You see, day by day, I’m always scanning out various organisations in my path, brewing up a multitude of questions about the business I’m directly looking at. We all think like this yeah? Anyway, I founded the Vine to form a somewhat valid excuse to have a chat with the people who aren't pretending in the world of business like myself...

PipeVine will be taking a light-hearted look at what makes each business unique, showcasing the real hardship and effort that goes into providing an outstanding product, or a first class service. I intend on sparking one's inner entrepreneur while demonstrating a side in the world of business that's blind to the regular punter, often masked by the pointless dribble in our newsfeeds.

My first point of call is tracking down the people who have leveraged social media to their advantage, or maybe even just that cafe up the road. Although, hot on my list are the dinosaurs killing it purely by word of mouth, or the people that ask "what's a Facebook."

Every business has a tale, metaphorically speaking the shits either hitting the fan or it’s not. I’m looking to see where ahh, umm…where their shit is I guess…nice.

Stay tuned for what's to come; I'm kicking off in Europe (I'll do my best to stay remotely functional)... GOD DAMN! -  I wish. 

Nope, note the part about myself staying remotely functional, despite how ‘rad’ that would be - You see my stern “GOD DAMN” originally stems from the fact that I started this particular piece a few month’s back while abroad. Boy, what a naive, life loving self-absorbed nomad I was to think that I would be remotely ready to launch this half-baked sack of.…

Anyway, feel free to join me on what I’m sure will be an exciting journey as I meet some incredible characters in the biz industry, leaorn how 2 speill and have some fun...

Don't worry, a passion for all things ‘Biz’ like mine isn't required, just some curiosity and a little bit of appreciation for people’s hard work is all you need!

Stay in touch, feel free to give us some love across our socials.

Daniel Kovac - Pipe Vine founder

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