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Accidental Spam | Content Marketing

15 September 2017

Content Marketing, it's fun, interactive, and non-greasy. But unbeknown to many, it's a fine line between valuable content and accidental spam. 

The benefits of the practice are tangible and us marketers love getting creative with our content. It's the modern way to connect with an audience, stimulating intrigue without explicitly advertising a product or service. 

Although this may seem like a noble way to connect with your tribe, businesses often run the spam content gauntlet - a similar scenario to what a certain someone labels as "fake news"...

At the heart of empty content marketing lies urgency, as does a notable absence of actual direction. Here, you unwilfully discover hollow "three ways to" posts, consisting of three outright-obvious solutions, with the reader vanished by the first 'ground-breaking' point. 

The result is spam, often unbeknown to the poor spammer acting under the provision of goodwill. But that's not to say there is no such thing a fantastic "three ways to" post, let me clear that up!

So what's the difference between mediocre noise and the content that sticks? 

Great content is crafted with the intent to provide genuinely insightful information, with no rabbit-hole for the reader to unintentionally run down.

The best content marketing provokes thought, rather than forcefully demand action. 

And the best content marketing simply makes the reader want to be positively involved with your brand, whether it's over one incredible post or a series of great online connections.

Content marketing is the way, but remember; less is more, quality is key, and value is gold - I'll leave you to digest/interpret that. 

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