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A real brand or a real robot? | Instagram

02 March 2018

*If you want a thousand followers on Instagram fast, read here.*

1. Post relatively organised photos daily with 30 hashtags under each post. 
2. Follow 50 people per hour and then unfollow the people who don't reciprocate the following day. 
3. Engage a bot to like and comment on other related posts to fast-track progress. 

You'll have thousands of followers in no time.

If you want an authentic connection, with real people, read here. 

1. Build, create or preach something remarkable. 
2. Patiently demonstrate why it's remarkable and with enthusiasm.
3. Be deliberate with your posts - it's loud enough online.

Are you screaming for a quick buck, or instead sharing something that's special? It's a hard, yet forgotten balance to find. 


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